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About the Author

Drew got really into houseplants over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic -- quickly moving from thinking that he had two brown thumbs to being able to identify most common houseplants, to identifying rarer ones, to teaching himself the finer points of botany and reading detailed scientific studies at four in the morning to figure out whether shaking a fiddle-leaf fig actually does anything (conclusion: nope)! Six months later, he was hired on as a houseplant expert at a large commercial garden centre, where he cemented his love of helping connect people to the perfect plant.

Since he began his houseplant journey, he's kept hundreds of different species (with varying results), spent easily a thousand hours reading plant profiles and care guides, and sifted the good information from the less-than-scientific advice.

Now, he's sharing this knowledge -- there are already too many sites out there with a flimsy grasp on what will actually help your plants thrive, and Plant Daddy YQG is Drew's attempt to even the playing field a bit.

(Why YQG? That's the airport code for Windsor, Ontario, where Drew calls home!)