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Off the Cuff: Two Plants in a Pot

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Off the Cuff: Two Plants in a Pot

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Let's say you buy a new plant from the store, and when you get home, you realize -- there are actually two (or more!) plants in the pot!


So, should you separate them or not?

It's pretty much entirely up to you -- would you rather have two pots with a single plant (which will be two plants, but neither will be as full) or a single, fuller pot? I've done both, regretted both, and loved having done both in different situations! 

Separating them will cause minor root damage (no matter how hard you try to avoid it), but as long as you're careful with it, it'll be superficial and both plants should heal quickly from it. Just make sure that both plants have decent root systems before you make the cut (assuming they're connected -- sometimes pots with more than one plant in them aren't connected at all)!